80,000 - 200,000 V Stun Guns

Warning! Stun Guns are ILLEGAL in some areas. Please check the stun gun laws list to make sure you are not in an area where the purchasing of stun guns are illegal.

100000 volt stun gun

15.95 each

• 100,000 Volts
• 4.5" tall
• Safety Switch
• Wrist Strap
• One-Year Wty.


100000 volt stun gun

15.95 each
•100,000 Volts
•6" tall
•Safety Switch
•Wrist Strap
•One-Year Wty.

stun gun leather holster

8.95 each
•Leather Holster
•Metal Belt Clip

stun gun nylon holster

6.95 each
•Nylon Holster
•Belt Loop

80,000 volt uses 1
100,000 volt uses 1
200,000 volt uses 2

9v energizer battery

2.95 each
•9-Volt Battery
•Recommended with stun gun purchase


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