The subject is Advanced Gun Disarmament and Weapons Retention — the most important martial arts tactic in "street level" SWAT work today. Why? Because 75% of all cops who are shot in the line of duty…

Are Shot With Their OWN GUN!

That means criminals are wrestling guns away from cops and shooting them. The bad guys are getting so good at advanced streetfighting, that even the best-trained cops in the country right now are helpless as kittens in close-quarters combat in the street. Even when the cops think they are in control of a situation… they quickly end up eating one of their own bullets.

That's why this incredibly advanced (and very secret) seminar is in the works. Cops all over the country are demanding immediate training in taking weapons away from criminals… and keeping their own weapons from being taken away by criminals.

The "go to" guy behind all this advanced training… is Bob Taylor. He's already done several training videos - including the original "Gun Disarmament" videos, with co-host Randy Wanner, which has become the "bible" of disarmament training for SWAT cops all over the US… plus the best-selling "Unarmed & Fearless" tapes.

Bob, works closely with cops and federal agents, and is world-famous for his "Roundeye" custom-made fighting knives.

Listen : It's a new world out there in the streets. The bad guys are getting so savvy at hand-to-hand combat, that you are absolute toast if you don't understand how to stay one step ahead of them.

And owning a gun won't help you. In fact, according to the latest FBI statistics … just owning a gun can actually get you killed. Because… while 75% of cops who get shot in the line of duty get shot with their own gun… over 95% of civilians who get shot get shot with their own gun!

That's outrageous. And it means that… even if you have weapons training on the highest level now possible in the US (from military sources, or top police trainers)… you are…

Seriously At Risk!

You need better training that the scum who you might be facing, if you ever must pull your weapon in defense of your home, your safety or your loved ones.

And right now… as the smartest big-city SWAT cops know… the ONLY way to get the advanced training you need… is to go to Bob Taylor. No one else in the world understands gun disarmament and weapons retention like Bob. He is the UNDISPUTED top expert in the field… and there's NO ONE else who even comes in second place!

This is a fabulous opportunity. If you're game, you will get to see the most advanced training anywhere on using your weapon against an attacker… without getting it taken away. And… if you're faced with an armed attacker bare-handed… you will know what the top cops know about disarming him.

This training is a thousand times deeper and more detailed than the original "Gun Disarmament" training (which was completed almost ten years ago). It takes into account how the criminal world has changed and advanced… and concentrates on the new skills needed to KEEP your gun when you must use it.

It's not difficult training, though. In fact, it's very straightforward, simple, and easy to "get" . Just watching this tape will boost your skill-level. The little bits of at-home training Bob suggests will only make you more skilled, more dangerous to anyone who screws with you and yours.

And you don't need prior training or skills, either — many of the SWAT cops Bob has to train (and he's trained cops nationwide) are not advanced in any martial art at all, so he kept everything as simple as possible . All you really need… is the DESIRE to have these amazing skills as your own

Here's a taste of what you're about to learn:
How to quickly "clear" a weapon that is pointed at you … so you can take it away, and end the confrontation on your own terms.
How to train "for real", so you understand without doubt how to clear a weapon without getting shot. (Critical skill.)
How different weapons work, so you have a split-second advantage (and much-improved odds of success) when you act. (Single-action pistols, for example, discharge rounds faster than other weapons.)
The simple Key Points to disarming an attacker , regardless of the type of pistol he has! (Glock, Berretta, Saturday Night Special revolver… it doesn't matter, once you understand these few simple secrets.)
The "Basic Four" techniques — which are the ONLY tactics you need to know — that will allow you to disarm muggers even if they surprise you from behind… including MULTIPLE armed attackers in a terrorist situation! (This is COMPLETELY NEW stuff, never before revealed to anyone outside super-elite military "insider" outfits!)
HOW TO DISARM AN ATTACKER HOLDING A SUB-MACHINE GUN OR SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN AT YOUR FACE! ( Very advanced stuff few civilians have ever witnessed!)
The ONLY correct ways to carry and handle your own weapon… so it's impossible for your opponent to take it away from you! (Thanks to brain-dead Hollywood action heroes, people think it's easy to take a gun away just by being "fast"… and they will DIE if they ever try it the utterly incorrect way they saw it on the silver screen!)
And more. There's so much BAD information out there, that even cops are walking around with completely FALSE CONFIDENCE in their ability to control a situation with a gun. You've got to force that bad info out of your head… and replace it with what Bob knows about the real world of armed combat!

There is NOWHERE ELSE you can go to learn these skills! Please be aware of this. Maybe a few years down the road, if Bob hand-picks someone else to do the training… and if stingy city councils finally start giving cops enough money to afford this advanced training… well, maybe then you can go downtown and find someone to teach you this stuff. But until then… trust NO ONE else! If anyone says they know how to disarm an attacker… ask them one question:

"Have You Ever Had A Loaded Gun Pointed At You,
And Have You Ever Successfully Taken It Away?"

If you don't get a quick "Yes", then run. The guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

Bob Taylor has been shot at, shot, and done some shooting and face-to-face lethal combat himself. Both in the jungles of Viet Nam, and in the mean streets of America. He has trained with real ammunition, and has bet his LIFE on the skills he has. Cops, soldiers and federal "black bag" agents who swear by Bob owe their lives to what they've learned from this amazing man.

P.S. WARNING — Much of the material you are about to see concerns lethal tactics that you may be forced to use to save your own life . This is brutal stuff, and not for the faint of heart. Bob made it easy to learn, and simple to use… so SWAT cops wouldn't have to spend hours training. These are life-saving skills for the real world, where it sometimes gets nasty. And this is your ONLY opportunity to see them yourself.


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