Most fighters know how to put you down with nasty and painful submission holds. What almost NO ONE in the world has figured out is how to quickly ESCAPE from these "impossible" submission holds.

It's a secret skill the professional groundfighters want to KEEP HIDDEN, but Mark Hatmaker will reveal these skills to you in this exceptional instructional video.

Sounds almost too amazing to be true, doesn't it? (It's true, though.)The Brazilians, the Ju Jitsu experts, the Judo and the Russian Sambo artists have been absolutely DOMINATING the fighting world for almost ten years now by using complex submission holds to choke opponents out. Once they get you into one of their holds, you're completely helpless... and... if you don't "tap out" immediately, you're toast. (In the street, you'll be unconscious or dead.)

That's the way it is. When a decent grappler meets ANY other kind of fighter, you better bet on the grappler, if he's able to get a hold of his opponent. learn the secrets of escaping from those holds. And, until the release of this video...

NO ONE Outside The "Inner Circle" Of World-Famous Ground Fighters Had A Clue What These Secrets Of Escaping Were!

But we know. And we have the secrets on videotape. And you know what's really cool? What's cool is that...

These Secrets Are Actually Very Simple To Use...
Once You Know What They Are!

Mark Hatmaker spent NINE YEARS studying the BEST groundfighters in the world... and picking apart their favorite holds until he discovered the secret of escape for every hold.

He Really Has The Secrets!

And you'll see him prove it, over and over, in your video. (He shows you how to quickly and easily bust out of more than 3 dozen holds...all of them previously labeled "impossible". That's way more holds than you'll ever see used in the street.) This Hatmaker dude is just 5'8" and maybe 150 pounds soaking wet; and yet he CANNOT be held down by even the most painful and complex hold, no matter how much bigger and stronger his opponent is. After all those years of learning the tricks of the grapplers... he has single-handedly dismantled the advantages of all groundfighters! Hatmaker's been a professional martial artist for twenty years, and has spent every second of that time challenging everything that other fighters called "impossible". Just give him ten minutes of your time... and you'll be convinced, too.


$69.00 each

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